4G Networks

The thirst for mobile data access, driven by dramatic increases in the sales of smartphones and tablets, is placing unprecedented demand on existing networks that were initially designed to deliver voice services.

This demand is set to grow for many years.

UK Broadband is the UK's largest holder of national radio spectrum suitable for 4G mobile services and wireless solutions. Using our licensed spectrum, the latest 4G technology and extensive expertise, our 4G LTE wireless networks help to meet this capacity demand.

  • What is 4G

    4th Generation Wireless Technology (4G) is the first technology designed from the ground up ...

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  • Our 4G Network

    UK Broadband switched on the UK’s first 4G LTE commercial system in Feb 2012 and has ...

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  • Relish

    UK Broadband has launched Relish Broadband, a transformational broadband offering for both ...

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