What is 4G

4th Generation Wireless Technology (4G) is the first technology designed from the ground up for data and is perfect to meet the rapidly growing demand for mobile access driven by the explosion of wireless enabled devices.

The UK’s existing networks will struggle to cope with demand because they were designed for relatively low density usage, not high density data hungry wireless devices.

In a world where data demand is driven by the need to always be on-line and a huge increase in video services, ultra fast, high capacity 4G over licensed spectrum is required. Why 4G?

  • Fast, secure, reliable and high capacity connectivity, ideal for mobile and remote workers to access secure networks
  • Similar social and economic benefits to superfast fixed broadband – but greater flexibility
  • Complements fibre networks to deliver a truly comprehensive connectivity plan
  • More cost effective alternative for the real rural market – lower cost per line compared to fibre